about us

I am the Founder of Baboo

Hande Özdinç

I was born in Izmit. I graduated from Galatasaray University, Department of Business Administration. I worked in brand management in the pharmaceutical industry for 11 years. I am Derin and Demir's mother.

I founded this brand in 2018, when I became a mother for the second time, inspired by Demir and my mother. Our grandmother was knitting beautiful vests, sweaters and blankets for us in wonderful colors and materials. My children were very lucky in this regard. I thought other babies deserved these beautiful products too, so I decided to take a step.

After many years of corporate life, I set out to establish a brand by touching real lives and drawing strength from women. Suddenly, dozens of women gathered around us and started knitting with love for Baboo. Baboo has also become a social movement, empowering women in their homes and empowering us as well.

We grew a little over time and became a brand with sales points in many parts of Turkey and abroad. At the point where handmade clothes were insufficient in terms of capacity, we carried our production story to the workshop, using the knowledge we gained there. Our handmade branch continues to work with toys and accessories.

Thank you for growing our business, which evolves with your love and care, every day.